As one of the top sellers from Graça Editoral publishing company, How to take possession of the blessing is a classic. It is a handbook comprised of 21 chapters written by Dr RR Soares that helps the reader to take possession of all that which the Almighty has prepared for His children and guaranteed through His Word.

Written 25 years ago, this work has led many people to experience the blessings of the Lord. They have come to understand that it is not about alms, but rather the children’s bread, and that the Father has already prepared the banquet, as Psalm 23.5a states: You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

This book is dedicated to people who have no knowledge concerning faith. I would like to ask those who already have some knowledge to put aside what they know and examine, without partiality, what I am proposing, Dr. Soares points out.

This fantastic literature will stimulate the reader to abandon, once and for all, a life of defeats in order to take possession of the Lord’s victory. This book also highlights the need to take the first step by taking a stand for Christ.

At the end of the book, make an assessment. If what you have learned with me is better than your former knowledge, then you should discard the old baggage. If my proposal is inferior to what you knew, then stick to it, challenges the author.

This work is highly recommended to all those who wish to achieve a victorious living.


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